Manuscripts management:

new manuscripts
manuscripts sent to reviewers
manuscripts awaiting for review
partially reviewed manuscripts
manuscripts without at least one review
manuscripts awaiting for at least one answer
manuscripts without at least one answer
manuscripts that were rejected by at least one reviewer
totally reviewed manuscripts
rejected manuscripts
accepted manuscripts
manuscripts sent to print
printed manuscripts
delete manuscripts
edit manuscript
attach unlimited Editors notes to a particular manuscript
uploading confidential file attachments to the manuscript – available and visible only for Editors
search manuscripts by: Number, Title, Type, Domains, Email of an Author, Name/surname of an Author, Institution, Keywords
sending messages to an Author concerning the particular article
send manuscript to Reviewers:
search Reviewers by: Name, Surname, Email, Institution, City, Province/State, Country, Domains
inviting a Reviewer who has no Editorial System account
simple review requests sending to the Reviewers who reviewed the previous version of a particular manuscript (also sending requests only to the Reviewers who suggested manuscript revision in their previous review)
protection against accidental sending of review requests to the Authors
additional field for individual comment for each reviewer
quick view of potential Reviewers’ domains
states of reviews
cancellation of the review invitation
sending the review for a Reviewer
possibility to change the review invitation accept/reject deadline and the review deadline for each Reviewer (for particular manuscript)
inviting new Reviewers after first submission of manuscript to review
send manuscript to Statistical Editor or Linguistic Editor
send manuscript to Section Editors, who manage reviewing process and make recommendation to Editor-in-chief
making decision
Editors choose one decision of four:
1. accept,
2. accept after minor changes,
3. rate once again after major changes,
4. reject.
1st and 4th decisions are final and the manuscript is moved to accepted or rejected queue
2nd and 3rd decisions send the revision request to Author
pre-defined decision letters templates depending on which decision is chosen
various decision letters templates for a single decision type, for example:
reject (4) because the manuscript does not meet formal requirements
reject (4) because of negative opinions received from Reviewers
editing the decision letter before it is send to Author
selecting reviews to attach to the decision
attaching the Statistical Editor or Linguistic Editor evaluation
additional file attachments
decision letter preview
processing the payments for the publication fee (system is integrated with PayPal)
sending the article proofs to Author’s acceptance
verification of the plagiarism rate of the manuscript via iThenticate
additional production module enables the pre-publication management of the manuscripts – the process may be divided into stages depending on the journal individual requirements

Users' management:

search users by: Name, Surname, Email, Institution, City, Province/State, Country, Domains
only Reviewers, only Editors, not confirmed accounts filters
exporting searched users to XLS
assigning Reviewer’s role
assigning Editor’s role
the history of email notifications send to a particular user
creating an account for a user


published manuscripts count
received and rejected manuscripts count (rejection rate)
reviewers and their domains;
authors and their domains;
reviews report:
all reviews count,
reviews without an answer (from reviewer) count,
rejected reviews count,
not reviewed count,
late reviews count
mean reviewing time (mean and standard deviation)
top ten – most active Reviewers
top ten – fastest Reviewers
top ten – slowest Reviewers
waiting for a print time (mean and standard deviation)
waiting for a print time – details
best manuscripts

Editor/Section Editor email notifications:

new/revised manuscript received
review process finished for a particular manuscript
review process updated for a particular manuscript
invitation submitted to Section Editor to make a recommendation concerning particular manuscript
assigning the manuscript to the Managing Editor
Section Editor recommendation received
publication fee received
decision made by another Editor
Statistical Editor / Linguistic Editor evaluation received
proof verified
invoice requested by the Author
review agreement attached
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Editorial System is a very easy and user-friendly tool. It allows for fast submitting of a new paper by the Author, and fast processing of this paper by the Editor. What is more it has a few very useful solutions, which are not available in other online submission managers.
Prof. Maciej Banach
Archives of Medical Science
(IF = 2.807)
Editorial System creates a single PDF file containing all manuscript source files with lines numbering to simplify the reviewing process.
The system fully supports manuscripts' processing, including Section/Associate Editors and Managing Editors.
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