Editorial System may be fully adjusted to the specific requirements of a particular journal.

Some of the configuration settings:

templates for the system email notifications
automatically sent reminders
all the text: notices, labels etc. of the system may be changed for a particular journal
easy and short URL address. Ex. http://www.editorialsystem.com/neuro
various types of articles (various steps and fields)
journal-specific domains
instructions for Authors, about the journal, hyperlinks, contact data and other information for a particular journal
visual identification of a journal: logotype, custom HTML on a main page (for example with journal cover, letter from the Editor etc.)
decision letters templates
maximal Author’s count for a single manuscript
time for answering review invitation (default: 7 days)
time for review (default: 23 days)
how many days before the review deadline the reminder should be sent (default: 3 days)
time to resend the revised version of a manuscript (default: 31 days)
reviewing without the invitation stage – the review is set as pending
reviewer’s form for a particular journal
Do you have any questions or doubts? Contact us! contact@editorialsystem.com
+48 501 109 448
Editorial System is a very easy and user-friendly tool. It allows for fast submitting of a new paper by the Author, and fast processing of this paper by the Editor. What is more it has a few very useful solutions, which are not available in other online submission managers.
Prof. Maciej Banach
Archives of Medical Science
(IF = 2.807)
Editorial System creates a single PDF file containing all manuscript source files with lines numbering to simplify the reviewing process.
The system fully supports manuscripts' processing, including Section/Associate Editors and Managing Editors.
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