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Guidelines for Reviewers
As peer-review journal, we perform the quality control for submitted manuscripts by refereeing process. Without the knowledge of specialists we could not fulfill our mission. We are very grateful to our Reviewers for their effort and time spent on evaluating manuscripts for Archive of Mechanical Engineering.

General expectations

While preparing the reports, we ask our Referees to:
  • comment on originality of presented work, how it presents in most recent literature on a topic discussed,
  • evaluate authors' approach to discussed problem,
  • evaluate reliability of obtained results and correctness of drawn conclusions,
  • comment on technical aspects of paper,
  • give the final evaluation of paper, inform us whether we should consider it further and what should be done in order to make it publishable (if it is possible),
  • give us an idea of possible impact that the paper might have.
Please note that accepted papers will undergo a free language check service, for correcting small language mistakes. Incorrect grammar, style or punctuation should not be the reason to reject a paper if its content warrants the publication from the scientific point of view and is readable for the Reviewer.


Please, do not distribute copies of the manuscript or use results contained in without authors' permission. However, please feel free to show it to knowledgeable colleagues and to consult them about the review, but please do not pass on the paper to another referee without notifying us. If you are unable to assess the paper for us, please return it immediately; your suggestions for alternative referees would be welcome. Your name will not be disclosed to the author(s).

Specific expectations

Manuscripts submitted to Archive of Mechanical Engineering should:
  1. Contain original work ‐ which is not published elsewhere in any medium by the authors or anyone else, and is not under consideration for publication in any other medium. If you believe that the work has been published or submitted elsewhere, or that plagiarism or other similar malpractice (e.g. ghostwriting or guest authorship) has occurred, please inform us immediately and provide us with sufficient information to investigate the matter further
  2. Be focused on the core aims and scope of the journal ‐ as scientific journal, we publish research results from many fields of mechanical engineering
  3. Be clearly and correctly written ‐ should contain all essential features of a complete scientific paper, should be written in a clear, easy to understand manner, and be readable for a wide audience of researchers in the field

Please provide your report within specified deadline or inform the Editor ( if you are not able to do so. You should submit your review via our on‐line Editorial System. In the specific cases (upon special arrangement with the Editor), reports can be returned as a hard copy via mail or fax. If you are using Editorial System, you will be able to access all necessary information on the Web. In order to reach a manuscript you have been asked to review, please go to the web page of the AME Editorial System The Editorial System manual for reviewers is available on this page.  
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