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Instructions for Reviewers
Reviews are confidential, meaning that Authors do not know the names of Reviewers. Authors receive Reviewers Comments to Authors. Reviewers Comments to Editor are confidential to Author. The review should provide in-depth evaluation of strengths and drawbacks of the manuscript. Please answer the questions from review form, then give your specific comments to Authors. Finally, please provide your final recommendation (Accept, Minor revision, Major revision, Reject).

When evaluating a manuscript, please pay special attention to the items specified below:
  1. Is the title concise and corresponding to the contents of the manuscript?
  2. Are all Key words necessary and informative?
  3. Does Abstract contain brief information on the objective, results and conclusions of the study?
  4. Does the Introduction section provide concise description of problems and objectives of the study?
  5. Is the aim of the work clearly stated?
  6. Are the experimental design and methods appropriate and clearly described?
  7. Are there adequate controls and sampling?
  8. Were the results properly described and analyzed?
  9. Were the results statistically analyzed?
  10. Were the results discussed in view of literature data?
  11. Are the Conclusions justified by the results?
  12. Are the References up-to-date?
  13. Are all Tables and Figures clearly presented and organized?
  14. Are titles and legends of Tables and Figures correct and clear?
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