Editorial System
Agreement with the User on provision of services by electronic means


General provisions. Definitions

  1. This agreement lays down terms and conditions of using the Internet website https://www.editorialsystem.com (the System).
  2. Whenever used in this agreement, the following terms shall have the following meaning:
    1. “Operator” shall mean the administrator of the Editorial System and the Journals System, i.e. “Bentus” company (Bartosz Stefaniak carrying out business activities as a sole proprietorship), with its registered office in Poznań, os. Pod Lipami 14/19, 61-638 Poznań, entered into the Central Registration and Information on Business kept by the Minister of Economy, holder of NIP 972-106-60-57 and REGON 300418842.
    2. “System” shall mean Internet applications - the Editorial System and the Journals System enabling the editorial process of scientific journals, reviewing scientific papers and publishing the journal online.
    3. “User” shall mean a natural person who will create an account in the System to be able to work in the System. The Author, the Reviewer or the Editor may be the User.
    4. “User’s Account” shall mean an individual account of a specific natural person permitting unambiguous identification of that person. The User’s email address is the name of the Account.
    5. “Journal” shall mean a scientific journal; the Operator has executed an agreement with the owner of the journal, Users may become involved in interactions with the journal including but not limited to submitting a scientific paper, sending a review of the scientific paper or managing the editorial process.
    6. “Conference” shall mean a scientific conference; the Operator has executed an agreement with the organiser of the conference, Users may become involved in interactions with the journal including but not limited to submitting an abstract for the conference, sending a review of the abstract or managing the editorial process.
  3. The System allows Users to submit scientific papers and conference abstracts to Journals and for Conferences and enables the entire editorial process to be carried out between the System Users, and Journals and Conferences.

§ 2

Terms of use of the System

For the User’s correct use of the System, the following shall be necessary:
  1. Internet connection,
  2. to have a device allowing to access Internet resources,
  3. to use the up-to-date version of any Internet browser,
  4. to have an individual, active email account,
  5. to be registered with the System.

§ 3

Agreement execution

  1. Creating a User’s Account shall be tantamount with the User executing the agreement on provision of services by electronic means with the Operator.
  2. The User’s Account shall be created using the registration form available on the website of any Journal.
  3. In order to register, the personal data form needs to be completed.
  4. Upon the registration, the Operator shall create an Account for the User. As soon as the Account is created, the agreement on provision of services by electronic means is executed.
  5. The agreement shall be executed for a non-fixed term.
  6. The User shall be identified in the System by logging into the User’s Account.
  7. Upon correct logging, depending on the authorisations for the Journal granted, the User may use services listed in this agreement.



The Operator shall provide to the User free-of-charge services to allow for:
  1. electronic submission of scientific papers and conference abstracts to the Journals and for the Conferences,
  2. monitoring the progress of the evaluation of papers submitted,
  3. sending reviews of scientific papers and conference abstracts,
  4. monitoring the progress of the review process,
  5. obtaining automatic reminders of tasks within the editorial process,
  6. obtaining decisions on papers submitted,
  7. management of the editorial process, including but not limited to the process of editing, evaluation and publication of scientific papers and conference abstracts,
  8. management of communication within the editorial team,
  9. management of the contents of the Journal’s website.

§ 5


  1. The User may at any time request that the User’s Account be removed and the Operator shall promptly remove the Account concerned. The request to remove shall be filed with the Operator electronically by sending the Account email address to: kontakt@editorialsystem.com.
  2. The request to remove the Account shall be tantamount with making an agreement termination statement. The agreement shall be terminated as soon as the Operator confirms electronically the removal of the User’s Account.
  3. The Operator may terminate the agreement with notice and remove the User’s Account if the Operator becomes aware of the User’s breaches with regard to the Operator or the Journals or of lack of activity on the User’s Account for at least 2 years. The Operator shall inform the User electronically about the agreement termination and the Account removal by sending notice to the User’s email address given.

§ 6

Personal data

  1. The Operator shall be the controller of personal data. Personal data must be provided to create a User’s Account in order to identify a person and his/her activity in the System.
  2. Personal data shall be processed by the Operator only to the extent necessary to allow for correct access to services provided by the Operator. Data shall be processed in accordance with applicable laws, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
  3. Details of the scope and purposes of personal data processing and the User’s rights are given in the complete personal data information form, which is a separate document available at https://www.editorialsystem.com/Personal-data/ and in the privacy policy, which is a separate document available at https://www.editorialsystem.com/Privacy-policy/.

§ 7

Exclusion of the Operator’s liability

  1. The Operator shall not be liable for disruptions in correct operation of the System and for loss of the User’s data due to force majeure or third party actions.
  2. The Operator shall not be liable for third party actions involving unlawful use of contents, i.e. submitted scientific papers, conference abstracts and reviews.
  3. The Operator shall further not be liable towards Users and third parties for:
    1. contents published by Users,
    2. operations and activities of Users,
    3. User’s damage caused by incorrect writing or reading of data and content of the User,
    4. the way how the Accounts are used by the Users,
    5. damage caused by the ICT system downtime or failure, or power failure,
    6. inability to log into the system due to poor quality of the connection, misconfiguration of the User’s software or device.
  4. The Operator shall provide access to third party services to Users; in that case the Operator shall not be liable for actions or omissions of such third parties.

§ 8


  1. Each User may lodge a complaint about the operation of the System and provision of services by the Operator. The Operator must be notified about the complaint at kontakt@editorialsystem.com.
  2. The Operator shall consider the complaint within 14 business days of its receipt. The User shall consent to receive the response by email to the email address given in the complaint.

§ 9


  1. The Operator reserves the right to amend this agreement.
  2. The Operator shall notify the User about any amendments via the System. Amendments shall take effect on the day they are published in the System and after appropriate information is sent electronically to the User.
  3. If the User does not reject amendments to the agreement in the way specified in the notification, the User is deemed to have accepted the amendments and such amendments shall be binding on the User as of their effective date specified by the Operator.
  4. If the User rejects amendments to the agreement, the agreement shall be terminated when the amendments are rejected.

§ 10

Final provisions

  1. This agreement shall be applicable as of 01 May 2018.
  2. The agreement shall be available at https://www.editorialsystem.com/User-agreement/.
  3. Any disputes arising from this Agreement shall be resolved by the competent common court.
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