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Instructions for Authors
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  • Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy accept experimental, clinical, theoretical papers, case reports and studies only written in English, which have not been published previously in any other journals or considered for publication elsewhere; as well as invited papers. The editors accept also a) letters to the editor, concerning the articles printed in the journal as well as letters on important issues connected with the theme of the journal and, b) book reviews.
  • All submissions should be made online via an electronic submission system New users should first create an account. Once logged in to the site, you will be guided step by step through the creation and uploading of the various files. After correct and complete fulfilment of all elements of the submitted paper, the last option “Send to Editor” will appear in the bottom, which will enable the final transfer of the manuscript to the editor. The system will send the notification at the author’s e-mail address with the confirmation of receiving the manuscript and its registration number.
  • All papers will undergo a rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymous refereeing by at least two independent expert referees. Journal Policy regulates a double-blind review process; authors and reviewers remain anonymous. To permit anonymous review, identifying information about the authors and their affiliations should not appear in the body of the manuscript. These details must be entered when proceeding through submission At least one of the reviewers should be affiliated in a foreign institution than the author(s).
  • Authors may also track the status of their manuscript using the online submission system. After receiving the reviews, the author is asked to send a paper including the reviewers’ remarks by entering the manuscript in the same way as during submission. For all successfully published articles, a PDF file of the paper will be send in the corresponding author’s email address at no cost.
  • All papers submitted to the journal should follow the below directive:

    1. Manuscripts have to be presented in Word up to 16 MB and should not exceed 20 standard pages (1800 signs per page, spacing included), including illustrations, tables and references. The length of the letters to the editor should not exceed 5 pages of normalized text, while the book reviews should not exceed 2 pages.
    2. The first page of the paper should contain: the title (very brief, if necessary a subtitle may be used), key words (3-5) and abstract minimum 100 up to 250 words, which need to be entered in the appropriate window in the submission system. The abstract of the research paper must include the below structure: an aim of the study, subject or material and methods, results, discussion, conclusions.
    3. The authors are obliged to mention if they have been aided by any grant in their research. The information on this should be place in the window under additional information in the submission system. Also all potential conflicts of interest for all authors must be disclosed. If authors have no interests to disclose, this must be explicitly stated. This should be placed in a separate note in the statement window in the submission system. In the same way authors must inform on their given participation scope in the work (eg. author of the conception, aims, methods, study protocol). In case of an even participation in the making of the publication, this should be clearly noted alongside each of the authors’ names. The corresponding author should affirm that he or she has access to all data from the study, both what is reported and what is unreported. The corresponding authors also confirm that there was no editorial direction or censorship from the sponsors. Manuscripts including the results of examination of patients (involving a risk element) must have a copy of the written approval issued by the ethical committee attached or the statement that author received such approval. All this information should be placed under the author’s statement document in the separate window in the submission system.
    4. The paper should be written in MS Word for Windows. The font should be Times New Roman 12, double-spaced; minimum margins: left 3.5 cm, right 1 cm, top 3.5 cm, bottom 3 cm. Pages should be numbered in the middle of the page heading. Titles and sub-titles should not be written in capital letters. As regards numbers, decimal fractions should be separated from units with a period and not a coma.
    5. The text cannot include any special layout tools like double spacing, bold, or capital letters. The layout of the mid-titles and that of the tables is selected by the Editor according to the homogeneous layout of the journal.
    6. The authors are requested to use proper psychiatric vocabulary and international names of medicines (not trade ones). SI abbreviations should be used. Tables and drawings should be added at the end of the manuscript or as the separately named documents numbered consecutively, and their placement in the text should be clearly indicated.
    7. Tables should be prepared in MS Word for Windows, graphs in MS Excel and drawings in Corel Draw. Drawings and tables should not be wider than 13 cm and should be capable of reduction.
    8. Halftone drawings and illustrations should be saved as black and white (256 shades of grey) in the EPS or TIFF format, 300 dpi and the size in which they will be printed. Shades of grey or patterns should be used for filling the drawings and graphs. Do not use colour if an illustration is to be reproduced in black and white. High quality printouts of the drawings and tables should be attached to the text. Content of the tables and descriptions of drawings should be written in Arial Narrow 10. The number of tables and drawings should be reduced to minimum The author must obtain a written permission from the copyright holder of the previously published tables, illustrations and figures.
    9. References should be presented in Vancouver System. The authors are requested to cite only necessary references, which are clearly referred to in the text. In the reference list, each item should start in a new line and be numbered according to the appearance in the text. For references with no author, the term “anonymous” should be used.
    10. For papers published in journals the references should preserve the following sequence: surnames of the authors followed by their name initials, title of the article, name of the journal (abbreviated according to Index Medicus at http://nlm.nih. gov; journals not indexed there should not be abbreviated), year, volume, pages;
      Example: Kowalski N, Nowak A. Schizophrenia case-study. Psychiatr Pol. 1919; 33(6): 210–223.
    11. For books: surnames of the authors followed by their initials, title of the book, place of publication, publisher, year of publication.
      Example: Kowalski ZG . Psychiatry. Sosnowiec: Press; 1923.
    12. For a chapter of a book: surnames of the authors followed by their name initials, title. In: surnames and name initials of the editor of the book, title, place of publication, publisher, year of publication pages.
      Example: Szymański BM. Depressive states. In: Kowalski AM, Głogowski P, editors. Psychiatry Manual. 2nd ed. Krosno: Psyche; 1972. p. 203–248.
    13. For website: Author/Editor/Organisation’s name. Title of the page [homepage on the Internet]. Place of publication: Publisher’s name; [updated year, month, day; cited year, month, day]. Available from: (url).
      Example: Polskie Towarzystwo Psychiatryczne [homepage on the Internet]. Warszawa: Grupa Medforum sp. z o.o.; [updated 2011 Sept 07; cited 2012 Sept 15]. Available from: http://
    14. Be careful about punctuation (as in examples).
  • The editors reserve the right to correct stylistic errors and terminology and abbreviations without making the necessary arrangements with the author.
  • A person participating in the publishing process of Editorial and Publishing Committee of the Polish Psychiatric Association journals is required to submit a statement regarding the consent for processing of personal data necessary to carry out the publishing process and dissemination of the article by the Publisher (KRW PTP - Editorial and Publishing Committee of the Polish Psychiatric Association) and entities cooperating for these purposes: the printing company Technet, Poczta Polska SA. The author submitting a work on behalf of himself and his co-authors is required to obtain their prior written consent for processing of personal data, and to provide it to the Publisher.
  • The author submitting the work (and possible co-authors) is required to conclude an agreement concerning the transfer the copyrights of the work to the Publisher. The contract form, after downloading from the editorial system, printing, signing by the Author (all co-authors) and after scanning the document, must be entered into this system during the submission of the work. After accepting the work for publication, the Author may receive a copy of the contract signed by the person representing the Publisher.
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